Ontario electric vehicle support: from first to worst

@fordnation has scrapped all things green in Ontario.

Just because I refuse to buy the premise of the climate change cult, disagree with paying for unreliable and therefore useless power like wind and fake power like nuclear, doesn’t mean I’m against real power projects

I am for encouraging those with facility to build solar. My roof is now fully covered. The power is real. The efficiency is good on a smaller scale

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, just not on an industrial level.

Another aspect of the green agenda that needs to be rethought out is plugin hybrid. This is the most practical vehicle avsikabe, and should be encouraged and subsidized. I bought a Ontario built/subsidized Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, and am thrilled with the fuel and POLLUTION reducing strength of it.

Notice I used the word pollution. This word has been superseded by climate change. Pollution is real, and it kills. Climate change is a concept that can only be sold via propaganda.

Pollution needs no such promotion, as we all struggle daily with bad air, plastics, RF dangers that could lead to our early demise.

If we talk and do something about this real issue, then we could all benefit.

Encourage Premier Ford to place subsidies back on Ontario made phev cars, solar energy, and other sensible initiatives that we can SENSE.

Buy Canadian cars if you can

Nothing like a little nationalism to keep good union jobs in Canada.

Just took delivery of a new Pacifica Hybrid. Proud to support Canadian workers and hope more buy Canadian to keep union jobs in Canada. @fordnation keep the $14k rebate on this vehicle please.

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Battery fried at airport

Has anyone else placed their spare phone batteries in the tray and sent them through the airport x-ray? I did, and both are now totally dead. They show charged

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, but the ions are all misaligned and will not even register in the phone.

In the past, the electronics were placed in a basket and passed around the xray. When did this change?

Airport and hotel wireless

YYZ has lousy wifi.

St. John’s NL has better wifi.

All hotels/motels have lousy wifi. There are too many people splitting the bandwidth AND the RF frequencies to get to the router.

It appears even new hotels don’t bother with ethernet jacks, which were great for laptop connectivity.

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EV Pioneer Chevy Volt Vs. Tesla Model 3: Plug-In Hybrid Is Still A Great Idea

The only way to overcome range anxiety and have just one car is a plug in hybrid.

My 2013 Chevy Volt is the best car I’ve every owned so why do I need a Model 3? I’ll answer that question: the Model 3 is a force of nature with the connectivity, brains, battery-only range, and charging infrastructure that my Chevy can’t offer. But that doesn’t change the fact that the original Volt was a stroke of GM genius (hat tip to former GM executive Bob Lutz*) and the fact that it was an early EV pioneer (released December 2010). And the fact that it’s still a relevant

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, highly-practical EV.

Source: EV Pioneer Chevy Volt Vs. Tesla Model 3: Plug-In Hybrid Is Still A Great Idea

Another late flight

@aircanada flight 3 hours late due to mechanical (needed some lights) failure. Bribed us with $10 voucher. Flying is a process full of friction and tension. If your flight is over one hour, you need to reserve a whole day.

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Revenge of the Electric Car

A so-so documentary lamenting the EV1, shows the beginnings of Tesla and its founder’s ouster, and praise for the vision of Bob Lutz.

Interesting that the Chevy Volt hasn’t changed much, but still is a good alternative to a standard (small) sedan.

I am still waiting for my Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid that I ordered March 3

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, 2018.