Tale of two Lambtons

Two countries, two coal fired plants, one open, one shuttered, one river, one air. Where is the sense in this clearly foolish situation, Premier Wynne?


Closed Ontario plant


Open Michigan plant

Ontarians are paying for this energy engineered fraud. Acid rain was a fallacy to engineer the abandonment of a very cheap and super reliable power source. Nuclear power is another fraud, the public knows it as beyond expensive and dangerous, I know it as a fake energy that generates nothing.

Solar and wind contribute a minuscule amount of power, and can NEVER be scaled up to a reasonable level to supply base power.

It’s sad Ontarians are too gullible and ignorant to understand the giant fraud being perpetrated against them.

Clear your phone cache

I was almost out of memory on my s5. How was that possible I wondered? Turns out the cache was over 4gig. Why doesn’t android kitkat keep it in check?

Goto settings, storage, cache and then long press on cache to clear it.