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Borje Salming Drops Ceremonial Puck After Emotional Tribute By Maple Leafs

Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan – Episode 108: Remembering Börje Salming (Part 2)

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Podcast: Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan
Author: Mike Wilson and Rick Vaive

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This week on Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan, we continue remembering Börje Salming. Mike and Rick share more memories of Börje and we replay the second part of our 2020 interview with him. He shares more stories from his career and talks about being the first Swede inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Mats Sundin calling him to ask if he should the captaincy, why he loved playing for the Leafs, and much more!

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Chris Tait, Chalk Circle

One of my favorite bands from the ’80s has a very humble gifted lead singer.

Chris Tait, Chalk Circle 2022-11-23 by Andrew Applebaum Web player: Episode: Chalk Circle’s lead singer & co-founder Chris Tait talks about getting grounded for playing ‘God Save The Queen,’ the band’s friendship with Blue Peter, breaking out with the support of CFNY & MuchMusic, touring with Rush/Crowded House/Tears for Fears, Geddy Lee convincing them to try playing wireless [spoiler: so much fun it was a fail!], Geddy restringing his bass for Brad Hopkins to play upside-down, the Sam the Record Man connection [‘Son of Sam’], risking electrocuting Neil Finn [and themselves] with water guns, the bump from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau adding them to his Best of Summer Playlist, their current status as a ‘laissez-faire rock band,’ and shoutouts to the 2022 Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts…..ARRRRRRRRRRGOOOS! TORONTO LEGENDS is hosted by Andrew Applebaum. TORONTO LEGENDS is powered by the Henderson Brewing Company. a locally-owned, award-winning neighbourhood brewery that celebrates Toronto’s stories and culture…just like this podcast! Take in the aromas of brown sugar and savour the blend of pine, citrus and earthy cereal in Henderson Brewing’s Escape Art West Coast IPA, available now at their taproom & retail store at 128A Sterling Road along the West Toronto rail path, or order now at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit