He got closer to the RUSH heart

Great story about how an American was drawn to Toronto by Rush.

I was a 14-year-old in, of all places, the subdivisions of St. Louis when I learned about Rush.My friend Bret alerted me to this weird Canadian trio. Bret knew about them because his cool older sister

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, between her apparent penchant for Zeppelin, Steely Dan and the Moody Blues, got “A Farewell to Kings.”

Source: Closer to my heart: How Rush and Neil Peart drew a St. Louis outcast to Canada | The Star

Santa stages

The 4 stages of life:
1. You believe in Santa Claus
2. You don’t believe in Santa Claus
3. You are Santa Clause
4. You look like Santa Claus

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Hwys. 407, 418 open in Durham on Monday

A job well done (early).

Congratulations to all involved! It’s not easy to build a highway BEFORE the people come – but it’s much easier and makes more sense. Look at the proposed 413 – will cost much more to build and take longer due to build up already in area. For all those that want everything for free – get used to it. Gas taxes haven’t gone up in years so user pay will be the new normal. Waiting for the 401 congestion tolls to start. Just wait.

Getting around Durham will get easier on Monday.The provincial government has announced the final stretch of Highway 407 and the entire Highway 418 will open on Dec. 9.The 407 extension adds 14.2 kilometres

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, while the 418 is 10 kilometres and connects the extension of the 407 with Highway 401.”The completion of the Highway 407 East project will connect communities and greatly improve our transportation network in this region,” said Vijay Thanigasalam, parliamentary assistant to the minister of t

Source: Hwys. 407, 418 open in Durham on Monday | DurhamRegion.com

Pumpkin sunrise

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#Cherrygate #Poppygate

I don’t wear a poppy because
°They keep falling off
°They get caught in my seatbelt
°I prick myself with them
°I’m annoyed with the cult of poppy
°I want them to make a proper poppy that solves all the above problems


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Flash food

Great idea if it works. I like to look at my food before I pay for it

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, so this may be an issue.

Tonnes of food that would have gone in the trash is instead is ending up on plates thanks to an app developed by a Canadian company.


Speed limit idea

What does anyone think of 90 kmh collector lanes and 100 kmh express lanes through (at least) Toronto? Transfers could be 95kmh.

Strictly enforced

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, this could reduce crashes at the transfer points.

Let’s talk about stunt driving

I knew racing was stunt driving, but intentionally slowing down on a tailgater (who by definition is also stunt driving?)

HTA, “Stunt” driving can mean:

  • Burn outs, drifting, or donuts.
  • Popping wheelies or doing stoppies on a motorcycle (or car if possible).
  • Occupying a passing line for longer than is reasonably required to overtake.
  • Driving with a person in the trunk of motor vehicle

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    , or driving while not in the driver’s seat.

  • Exceeding 50km/h of the speed limit (the most commonly known, and the most commonly charged offence).
  • Driving without due care and consideration of others on the road, or in a way that might endanger someone by: intentionally preventing another person from passing, stopping, cutting someone off, or slowing down.
  • Driving as close as possible to another vehicle, person, or cyclist.
  • Jumping ahead and turning left before traffic commences through an intersection.

I see many vehicles pulled over for over 50, but rarely for any other of the above list.

Fun amber alert video

Most hate the annoying amber alerts – is this the response they want people to take?

Source: Mark Phillips on Instagram: “How they expect you to react when you get an amber alert 😂😂😂😭😭 how loud those notifications be I know they want us to be vigilante as hell…”

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