Flash food

Great idea if it works. I like to look at my food before I pay for it

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, so this may be an issue.

Tonnes of food that would have gone in the trash is instead is ending up on plates thanks to an app developed by a Canadian company.


Airport and hotel wireless

YYZ has lousy wifi.

St. John’s NL has better wifi.

All hotels/motels have lousy wifi. There are too many people splitting the bandwidth AND the RF frequencies to get to the router.

It appears even new hotels don’t bother with ethernet jacks, which were great for laptop connectivity.

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Firefox 57 means I can dump chrome

Firefox 57 is out – and it actually plays youtube videos without stuttering and stopping!

I’ll be dumping chrome – again. It consumers memory in windows to the point it brings it to its knees. Good riddance.

Source: The new

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, fast browser for Mac, PC and Linux | Firefox

SOLVED: Rear-facing camera won’t focus – LG G5 

I had to pay $75 to get the camera replaced.

I went to Megabox at 3255 Highway 7 East, Markham – and they seem to have fixed the issue.

Still think it’s one of the best smartphones out there.

The rear-facing 16MP camera (not the wide angle) will no longer focus. I’ve tried all the usual software fixes (factory reset, etc.). I can actually hear a mechanism inside the phone “trying” to focus

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, but it seems to be locked into the nearest focal point.

Source: SOLVED: Rear-facing camera won’t focus – LG G5 – iFixit

Google Drive appears to be causing Explorer.exe to crash 

If you are having catastrophic windows freezes, get rid of Google Drive. It’s toxic bacteria to your computer and hard to pinpoint.

I know that I have seen this in older topics here, but they were old posts and I didn’t see a resolution that works for me.  Some example suggestions were deleting desktop.ini files in the Drive Sync folder, and turning off sync indicators.For a long time I have had issues with Explorer.exe crashing for no obvious reason, with the event log generally reporting a fauling module path involving MSCVR90.dll. Eventually I installed Visual Studio for unrelated reasons, and, with a debugger now available, the stac

Source: Drive appears to be causing Explorer.exe to crash – Google Product Forums

Amazon Go: Imagine a world without people

I love technology, but it’s becoming apparent that people are slowly being phased out of the world.

Amazon, the internet retailer eager to put drones in your skies and holiday deals in your inbox, now brings us Amazon Go. The physical store, which will open next year in Seattle, lets customers purchase goods by literally taking the item off the shelf and leaving the store — a system called “just walk out.”

Source: Amazon Go’s “just walk out” technology sounds like a headache for shoppers of color


I want to recommend this service to all my fellow Canadians who travel to the USA. A great service that works – don’t waste your time with your local Canadian carrier down there.

Roam Mobility’s prepaid USA SIM card is the best prepaid card for travellers in the United States and Mexico. Choose daily, weekly, or monthly plans. No contracts.

Source: Prepaid USA SIM Cards for Travellers – Roam Mobility

Thanks DrSim

I tried two cell phone unlockers to open up my LG G4-cellunlocker.net and cellphoneunlocker.com – both didn’t work.

I am pleased to say I called the Dr. and it worked quickly and effortlessly.

I recommend them.

Unlock phone by IMEI in Canada. Permanently unlocking in record time. Unlock your cell phone in 3 simple steps: fast, safe & easy. Up to 30% off!

Source: Unlock Phone by IMEI. Fast, Safe & Permanent | doctorSIM Canada