Another late flight

@aircanada flight 3 hours late due to mechanical (needed some lights) failure. Bribed us with $10 voucher. Flying is a process full of friction and tension. If your flight is over one hour, you need to reserve a whole day.

Blood woes

Hey Canadian Blood Services. @itsinyoutogive Why doesn’t your online survey ask me WHERE in Mexico I’ve been before I come to the clinic and be REJECTED for going to a high risk state? Why r some resort areas in high risk areas exempt? You wasted my time and I may not be back in a year.

Need a fridge or stove in Toronto?

Forget Home Depot and Lowes. I went to both the other night and neither had any stock of almost ALL their display models. They told me the earliest they could ship it was a week. What use is that with dirty dishes piling up?

I then went to Class Appliance and my buddy Wes gave me a deal too low to publish here – and he had it in stock and loaded right up!

Tell him Tim sent you.


As a junior wordsmith, I love etymology. 

Railroad land grants and related political chicanery undoubtedly had a great deal to do with the origin. It’s felicitous because it doesn’t just evoke the physicality of a massive machine barrelling through the landscape, and it doesn’t even just evoke the sense many had that the railroads — with federal imprimatur and, sometimes, eminent domain — built their lines with little regard for local opinion (generally for, unless bypassed), but also evokes the powerful political relationships associated with the industry in the 19th century — particularly (and notably six years prior to the Barbour speech) the Credit Mobilier scandal, which reached into the Grant administration (and tangentially, the prior Johnson and Lincoln administrations).

Electric car blues 

Electric cars will never be clean energy, and probably will take much longer and much more government intervention to catch on. Here’s why. 

My editor tactfully suggested that every time I review an electric car, instead of taking up a third of my available space explaining why they will never fulfil more than a small fraction of our personal transportation needs, I should summarize the facts into a separate column to which I can then refer readers who want to know the truth.