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The legendary CEO says he’s become a big fan of the hybrid cars that Toyota has been marketing for years. Plug-in hybrids are the wave of the next five years, Iacocca predicts.

Motor Mouth: Volkswagen’s delusional plan to phase out combustion engines

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Volkswagen’s commitment, among major automakers at least, to battery-powered zero emissions vehicles is second to none. Yes, General Motors is throttling up its EV program — it was, after all, the excuse to shut down the Oshawa Assembly Plant — and no one can fault Nissan for the money it has put behind its Leaf. But it all pales compared with the vigour, resources and engineering that the Volkswagen Group has thrown at lithium ion, the world’s largest automaker recently committing no less than US$40 billio

Source: Motor Mouth: Volkswagen’s delusional plan to phase out combustion engines | Driving

Ontario electric vehicle support: from first to worst

@fordnation has scrapped all things green in Ontario.

Just because I refuse to buy the premise of the climate change cult, disagree with paying for unreliable and therefore useless power like wind and fake power like nuclear, doesn’t mean I’m against real power projects

I am for encouraging those with facility to build solar. My roof is now fully covered. The power is real. The efficiency is good on a smaller scale

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Another aspect of the green agenda that needs to be rethought out is plugin hybrid. This is the most practical vehicle avsikabe, and should be encouraged and subsidized. I bought a Ontario built/subsidized Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, and am thrilled with the fuel and POLLUTION reducing strength of it.

Notice I used the word pollution. This word has been superseded by climate change. Pollution is real, and it kills. Climate change is a concept that can only be sold via propaganda.

Pollution needs no such promotion, as we all struggle daily with bad air, plastics, RF dangers that could lead to our early demise.

If we talk and do something about this real issue, then we could all benefit.

Encourage Premier Ford to place subsidies back on Ontario made phev cars, solar energy, and other sensible initiatives that we can SENSE.

Buy Canadian cars if you can

Nothing like a little nationalism to keep good union jobs in Canada.

Just took delivery of a new Pacifica Hybrid. Proud to support Canadian workers and hope more buy Canadian to keep union jobs in Canada. @fordnation keep the $14k rebate on this vehicle please.

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