Robert Plant Toronto June 15 2018 concert review

No this isn’t the cowardly lion you’re seeing.

It’s Robert Plant, who did an amazing job belting out a few Led Zeppelin signature vocals at his Toronto outdoor show.

Surrounding himself with some outstanding musicians, he seemed most content with the wide ranging musical sounds from his lead guitarists and fantastic fiddler.

The evening ended with opening act Sheryl Crowe doing an upbeat and powerful closing duet with the satisfied septagenerian.

Short Tesla… Or not

Common sense look at the insanity of owning a Tesla – for anything other than owning a toy.

I still think the Pacifica Hybrid is the only practical version of PHEV out there.

Most people know the cost of driving a car that runs on regular gasoline. You take the price of the fuel per gallon, and divide it by the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) number that your car yields. The resulting number is the “cost per mile” in variable fuel cost terms.

Source: Tesla Model 3 Costs More To Charge Than A Gasoline Car – Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha

Here’s a response:

Here’s a forum link:

There’s so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to start. First congrats on your purchase, you won’t be disappointed!

That seeking alpha article you linked to though is nonsense put out by a short selling tool trying to get the stock to drop so he can make money. I won’t go through every point that is wrong with that article because it would be a lot to cover and I doubt anyone would want to read it on here, also Ben Sullins covers it very well in this video if you’re interested:

Blood woes

Hey Canadian Blood Services. @itsinyoutogive Why doesn’t your online survey ask me WHERE in Mexico I’ve been before I come to the clinic and be REJECTED for going to a high risk state? Why r some resort areas in high risk areas exempt? You wasted my time and I may not be back in a year.

Another reason not to electrify GO lines

You can’t beat the reliability of the diesel/gas/ICE engine.

Toronto Hydro is reporting a major outage in Toronto’s east end Monday morning. The outage began around 6 a.m., impacting a large area with rough boundaries from Eglinton Ave. E. to Lakeshore Blvd., and between Yonge St. and Victoria Park Ave. The hydro distribution company, serving 756,000 customers total according to their website, says the issue is a result of a lost power supply from Hydro One.

Source: Major power outage hits Toronto’s east end | Toronto Star