He got closer to the RUSH heart

Great story about how an American was drawn to Toronto by Rush.

I was a 14-year-old in, of all places, the subdivisions of St. Louis when I learned about Rush.My friend Bret alerted me to this weird Canadian trio. Bret knew about them because his cool older sister

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, between her apparent penchant for Zeppelin, Steely Dan and the Moody Blues, got “A Farewell to Kings.”

Source: Closer to my heart: How Rush and Neil Peart drew a St. Louis outcast to Canada | The Star

Ray Charles – Song For You (Live at Montreux 1997)

One of my favorites.


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Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps

Is there a better Canadian singer than Neil Young?

Spotify got me to listen through some archives of Neil’s.

I don’t think he ever topped Live Rust/Rust Never Sleeps.

Source: Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps.avi (download torrent) – TPB

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Robert Plant Toronto June 15 2018 concert review

No this isn’t the cowardly lion you’re seeing.

It’s Robert Plant, who did an amazing job belting out a few Led Zeppelin signature vocals at his Toronto outdoor show.

Surrounding himself with some outstanding musicians, he seemed most content with the wide ranging musical sounds from his lead guitarists and fantastic fiddler.

The evening ended with opening act Sheryl Crowe doing an upbeat and powerful closing duet with the satisfied septagenerian.

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Ruelle rules

@Ruellemusic you’re my fave find of 2018. Your music reminds me of @Alanis and @guysigsworth. What beautiful pipes and a unique sound you make.


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