How to get rid of windows 10 v911

Micro$oft keeps trying, and I keep stopping them.

GWX Control Panel will help to rid your system tray of the ‘Get Windows 10’ notification from continually popping up. It can also prevent unintentional Windows 10 upgrades from occurring via Windows Update. GWX Control Panel really works, is safe and easy to use, and gives you the option to re-enable the icon and upgrade notifications if you’re ever ready to move forward with Windows 10 in the future. Read more at:

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Uber commute

Boy I love how Uber uses the smartphone. Outsmarting local transit planners every day, giving us practical ideas that work.

Uber might be working on cheap self-driving cars that would offer its customers even better prices than regular taxis in the future, but it’ll be a while until the company can remove human drivers from the picture completely. In the meantime, Uber has other interesting ideas for the near future, including a plan to turn everyday commuters into temporary drivers with the help of an app.

Source: Brilliant Uber scheme aims could turn everyday commuters into taxi drivers

Why can’t I paste into youtube comments on firefox

Another new day, another new break from Google’s youtube control factory.

This is the best fix. The other one stops pasting in other apps. GrayFace said Here’s a selective fix for YouTube: You need to install Scriptish or Greasemonkey first.

Source: Why can’t I paste into youtube comments on firefox | Firefox Support Forum | Mozilla Support